Monday, March 7, 2011

How to Germinate Weed Marijuana Cannabis Seeds

Ever wonder how to germinate marijuana ( cannabis indica, sativa, weed ) ?Free full guide!

Marijuana seeds require moisture, warmth and darkness for successful germination.
I recommend you use clean water. Most  water supplies have clean, pH neutral water, suitable for germination. Sometimes local water supply may not be good enough to germinate cannabis seeds. Bottled spring water, without additives or carbonation, is usually a good source of water for germination.
For best germination results, fill a glass with clean, room temperature water.

Items needed:

Paper Towel
Tap Water (I've read that the chlorine in tap water helps kill any germs. Doesn't seem to hurt the seed)
2 tea cup saucers or small plates
1. Wet the paper towel with tap water and squeeze out enough so that the towel is damp and not wet. Fold the towel so that it will fit in the plate.

2. Set the paper towel on a plate and put the seed on the towel. Place the planted seeds under horticultural lights or a cold frame in a warm humid environment (20 - 25 degrees C / 67 - 78 degrees F).

3. Fold the damp paper towel over the seed and cover with the other plate.

 4. Place the plates with the towel and seed on top of something warm like a seedling mat, fluorescent light fixture, cable box or computer case. Now is a good time to start soaking your rockwool cube(s) if you use them.

5) Check them twice a day (about every 12 hours) to see if the root has popped. The seed in this picture popped after about 48 hours.

6).. Plant the seed root down in whatever medium (soil, jiffy, rockwool, etc.) you use. In my case, I will use a rockwool cube that has been soaking in water with a PH of 5.5. I shake out the extra water from the cube so that it is wet, but not sopping or dripping.

7).. Put your newly planted seedling in a warm area (around 75 degrees F). I put it under a Fluroescent light that is running 24/0 just to keep it warm. Make sure you keep the rockwool/soil moist. Do not let it dry out!

8).. In a couple of days, it should break the surface.

Marijuana seeds should be planted about 1/4 to 1/2 inch deep in containers at least 4 inches deep to allow the initial tap root to grow straight down. The container should have drainage holes to prevent drowning the seeding. The medium or soil should be thoroughly damp, but not soaked. High humidity is essential to good germination rates.
Keep the planted seeds covered with clear plastic. Place the planted seeds under horticultural lights or a cold frame in a warm humid environment (20 - 25 degrees C / 67 - 78 degrees F).
Remove plastic covers, once the marijuana cannabis weed sprouts have cleared the soil surface and the first true serrate leaves are forming. Keep medium or soil damp and fertilized with quarter to half strength vegetative fertilizer during this stage and watch them grow. GOOD LUCK!